30 Hour New Affiliate Course

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  •  This course is mandatory by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission before you send for your initial License.    
  • Cost: $140.00
  • ​" Recampus Online " Clickthe link below to purchase this  course using your credit or debit card. Call the office if you have cash only.

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Congratulations. You are selecting the final course for A-List education.

Congratulations. You are selecting the final course for A-List education.

Course Topics


Course Topics

Unit 1: Introduction to the Real Estate Business
Unit 2: Real Property and the Law
Unit 3: Concepts of Home Ownership
Unit 4: Agency
Unit 5: Real Estate Brokerage
Unit 6: Listing Agreements and Buyer Representation
Unit 7: Interests in Real Estate
Unit 8: Forms of Real Estate Ownership
Unit 9: Legal Descriptions
Unit 10: Real Estate Taxes and Liens
Unit 11: Real Estate Contracts
Unit 12: Transfer of Title
Unit 13: Title Records
Unit 14: Real Estate Financing: Principles
Unit 15: Real Estate Financing: Practice
Unit 16: Leases
Unit 17: Property Management
Unit 18: Real Estate Appraisal
Unit 19: Land-Use Controls and Property Development
Unit 20: Fair Housing and Ethical Practices
Unit 21: Environmental Issues and the Real Estate Transaction
Unit 22: Closing the Real Estate Transaction
Unit 23: Real Estate Investment
Unit 24: Tennessee Licensing Overview
Unit 25: Operating a Real Estate Business in Tennessee
Unit 26: Tennessee Agency Overview
Unit 27: Contracts and Closings Overview
Unit 28: Tennessee License Law Enforcement Overview
Unit 29: Tennessee Specialty Topics
Unit 30: Title Issues
Final Exam

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