60 Hours CE Cost -- $300.00

#1. Property Management


60 hours CE Tennessee Real Estate Commission accredited Hours. Course number--6259.                                                          If you need your post broker hours this course will help you complete half of the mandatory 120 hour requirement.                                                                     If you manage property or need education to get into the property management business you need this course. You will study a course that is current and informative on property management. 

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Course Topics :

1. Professional Property Management

2. Property Management Economics and Planning

3. Owner Relations

4. Marketing

5. Leases

6. Lease Negotiations

7.  Tenant Relations

8. Maintenance and Construction

9. Managing the office and Reports

10. Federal and State Laws

11. Residential Property

12. Specialized Housing

13. Office Property

14. Retail Property

15. Industrial Property

16. Risk and Environmental Issues

17. Life Safety Issues

#2. Absolute Real Estate


  • 60 hours CE Tennessee Real Estate Commission accredited Course number -- 6542. This course will help you complete half of the requirement for your post broker 120  mandatory hours.
  • This course is a review of  Real Estate Terminology.  This course is informative, easy and ready for you today. Just call the office.    
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Course Topics :

1. Why study Real Estate

2. Real Estate Legal Analysis

3. Private Restrictions on Ownership

4. Public Restrictions on Ownership

5. Deeds and Title Examinations

6. Contracts and Title Closings

7. Real Estate Leases

8. Real Estate Brokerage

9. Real Estate Appraisal

10. Property and Asset Management

11. Real Estate Market Analysis

12. Commercial and Industrial Land Uses

13. Understanding Real Estate Market Dynamics

14. Urban and Regional Economics

15. Home Purchas Decisions

16. Residential and Commercial Property Financing

17. Risk, Return and the Time Value of Money

18. Mortgage Mechanics

19. Analyzing Income-Producing Properties

Dearest Licensee;


Dearest Licensee;

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